2023 ALDS Game 2: Twins @ Astros, October 8, 2023

Peña. It’s the best for him and the best for the team.


Where does Bregs hit then? 5, 6 or lower?

Leadoff single. Another fat pitch


0-2 count and loses him. Damn.



God I fucking hate this year’s version of Framber.

Everything is up

Absolute fucking scrub.

He’s throwing fucking meat.

Better get the pen busy

Back to sucking at home.

Glad we saw the stupid Twins HR vest instead of a replay of the HR.

Jesus fucking Christ this broadcast sucks donkey dick.

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Framber is fucking done. After 1+ innings.

I hate when bad Framber shows up

They’re smoking the fucking ball. Get him the fuck out of the game.

AJ Pierzenski is so goddamn stupid.


Bregman tried to throw that one into RF

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