2023 ALCS Game 7

See you guys on the other side…

Yes, yes she is wrong. Very wrong.

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There’s the old managers’ Game 7 stats. Time to change that one.

One never knows. 9 innings to go. We did win the division, most here didn’t expect that. All hands on deck!

Let’s go El Reptil! Command your stuff and zone.

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Javier got the pants low again. I like it.

So Game #7 is important? I’m glad Fox explained that in excruciating detail, otherwise I may not have known.

Odds of Peña hitting a home run…one BEELION to one.

Just gotta say…for all of our collective butterflies, this is why we’re baseball fans.

Semien grounds out to start


Let’s fucking go, Astros.


Meatball promptly deposited into the upper deck.

Right down the fucking middle.

Well, shit.

Stop pitching to Seager.

Followed by a walk.

Seager molests collies in his free time.
Fuck that guy.

He was hitting .192

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