2023 ALCS Game 4

2b Altuve
CF Dubon
3b Bregman
DH Alvarez
1b Abreu
RF Tucker
LF McCormick
SS Pena
C Maldonado

P Urquidy

Let’s fucking do it again.


I guess Brantley can’t play today since he made that nice catch in left.

Dubon and Chas are much better vs LHP, and I hope that holds true

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You and I both.

The right 9 players are out there. Not sure about Dubon in the #2 spot but its not terrible.

Downside- Bregman could be up in the 1st inning with 2 outs and only 2 pitches thrown.

Upside- Altuve, Dubon, Yordan, Tucker, Chas, and Pena were all in the top 30% of hitters vs LHP this year (Chas was 6th and Tucker 21st out of 218 w/ 100+ PA)

This is wRC+ from Fangraphs.

Wonder how he is feeling the day after that catch…

He’ll pinch hit for Chase whenever that fucking lefty leaves.

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I like how much we’ve seen Heaney this year.

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This is where not having Meyers is a bit befuddling…Brantley PHs for an OFer and now you have no more OF on the bench

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The problem there is, Heaney probably throws 4 innings at most, meaning you’re taking Brantley out of the lineup because of, probably, 1 AB vs Heaney

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Singleton on the roster still puzzles me but I’d be overjoyed to be proven wrong.

I say we make them ABs count, then

Also, see my post above

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Fucking ladies and gentlemen, Astros fans and supporters, tonight is not just another fucking game—it’s a battle, a testament to our fucking resilience and determination. The Astros have faced challenges, doubters, fuckers, and tough opponents, but we stand united, ready to conquer the Arlington Fucksticks and claim victory. As we step onto that fucking field, let’s remember the countless hours of hard work, the sacrifices made, all the fucks given, and the unwavering belief in ourselves and our fucking inconsistent team.

In the face of adversity, we find our fucking strength. Our players have honed their skills, practiced relentlessly, and embraced the fucking spirit of teamwork. Tonight, we bring not just our talents but also our fucking passion for the game. Together, we will outshine, outplay, and outscore the Fucksticks. Let the fucking yelling of our fans echo through the stadium and drown out those Arlington mouth breathers, fueling our determination and reminding us of the incredible fucking support we have. With each fucking pitch, each fucking swing, and each fucking catch, we will show the world what the Astros are made of—a blend of talent, dedication, and FUCKING heart.

So, let’s fucking stand tall, Astros fans, and fucking rally behind our team. Let the energy of our collective fucking spirit propel the Astros to victory. Tonight, we write another chapter in our legacy, reminding everyone why we are a force to be fucking reckoned with. Believe in the power of teamwork, believe in our Astros, and together, we will fucking celebrate a triumph that will be remembered for fucking years to come. Go Astros!

This was brought to you by ChatGPT and my fucking edits.


Windy ass bots.

Translation: LETS FUCKING GO


Great to know!

Reminds me of one of my grandad’s grandad jokes…2 old guys on the porch

Windy, ain’t it?

It’s Thursday

I am too, let’s have a beer


I cannot come up with any reason why you’re wrong.

Holy fuck, ump!!!

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I thought the consensus was Singleton was there for pinch running.

Altuve with a leadoff double!