2022 Prospect Rankings

The latest updated Top 30 list from BA with Yainer Diaz, Chayce McDermott, Spencer Arrighetti, Justin Dirden, David Hensley and Misael Tamarez all continuing to move up and Wilyer Abreu finally showing up. Alimber Santa shows up for the first time as well but with no explanation of the injury that limited him to just the one appearance back in April.

  1. RHP Hunter Brown (1)
  2. C Yainer Diaz (6)
  3. OF/SS Pedro Leon (3)
  4. C Korey Lee (2)
  5. 3B Joe Perez (5)
  6. RHP Chayce McDermott (9)
  7. RHP Spencer Arrighetti (14)
  8. RHP Jaime Melendez (10)
  9. OF Tyler Whitaker (7)
  10. OF Justin Dirden (20)
  11. RHP Alex Santos (4)
  12. 2B/3B Enmanuel Valdez (22)
  13. RHP Forrest Whitley (12)
  14. 3B David Hensley (16)
  15. OF Colin Barber (15)
  16. RHP Misael Tamarez (21)
  17. RHP Peter Solomon (8)
  18. SS/3B Grae Kessinger (11)
  19. 2B/3B Will Wagner (13)
  20. 1B JJ Matijevic (17)
  21. OF Wilyer Abreu (NR)
  22. RHP Alimber Santa (NR)
  23. SS Christian Gonzalez (18)
  24. OF Jordan Brewer (19)
  25. RHP Adrian Chaidez (23)
  26. RHP Jimmy Endersby (24)
  27. OF Matthew Barefoot (25)
  28. OF Alex McKenna (26)
  29. RHP JP France (NR)
  30. LHP Julio Robaina (NR)

Dropped off the BA list:
27. RHP Seth Martinez (graduated)
28. LHP Jonathan Bermudez (relative underperformance)
29. RHP Brett Conine (relative underperformance)
30. OF Zach Daniels (relative underperformance)

Numbers in bold are where they were on the previous BA ranking

Hunter Brown had a bit of a rough outing tonight after entering the Futures Game in the 2nd inning…

4-pitch walk, single (104 EV), FO to center, 3-pitch K, 104 EV rocket to deep center that still should have been caught for third out but dropped for 2-run error, walk. Was then removed from game.

0.2 IP, 1 H, 2 R (unearned), 2 BB, 1 K.

There was another base hit in there somewhere so corrected line:

0.2 IP, 2 H, 3 R (unearned), 2 BB, 1 K.

Did Diaz do anything?

A pair of singles in three ABs (including a groundout). One of the singles had a 108 EV.

Whiffed in last plate appearance to finish 2-4.

I was looking at the first half performances of the top or most talked about prospects and noticed something.

Pedro Leon has reduced his K rate to 21% over the last 45 days covering 34 games.

If this is a legitimate breakthrough then he could be a star.

BA anoints Yainer Diaz best hitter at the game. Not just one but both of his hits were triple digit on the EV.

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Curious what Oakland is going to do with one of Langeliers or Murphy

Enmanuel Valdez, Shay Whitcomb and Tyler Whitaker among the best and worst hitters in the minors this season.

Note that wRC+ is not park adjusted.

I went to Fangraphs Roster Resource.

They have organizations top 10 prospects listed on the page.

They have Gilbert listed #5 and Clifford #7.

If you look elsewhere on FG you can see where other draftees slot in…

Melton #14
Knorr #17
Taylor #31
Price #32
Blubaugh #37
Borden #38

That previous Top 33 Prospects list is now a Top 40 Prospects list.

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This seems really impressive but I am completely unqualified to know for sure.

People love the shiny new things. I’m not going to read much into it until these guys play against some pros.

While looking for something else, i ran across Tyler Brown’s story (#3rd round draft choice, 2020 draft) and haven’t been able to get it out of my mind.

(From 2020 Draft Thread)

Imagine the challenge of being a father of a special needs daughter while in the minor leagues.
Hope someone encouraged him to bank his bonus.

  • The milb game log revealed that during April & May he pitched in 8 games, 5 as a starter and 3 in relief. His WHIP was 1.63 in April & 2.52 in May.
  • Per BA game log, he threw 88, 78, 82, 79, & 92 pitches starting and 45, 60, & 55 in relief; averaging 60% strikes.
  • From 24 May to 11 July he disappeared.
  • He came out of development throwing 70% strikes…
  • And he got his first win last night.

Is he projecting as a starter now?