2022 Postseason Schedule

This is for general information only and does not directly concern any plans at the present time.

/genuflects to BBGs


Exactly. Only reason to bring it up is the new format, plus the season ending later than normal

He complains about that as if the owners give a shit.

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The do though. That way they save on hotel costs.

This schedule makes no sense.

Last game 10/5

5 days off

ALDS game 1 10/11

day off

ALDS game 2 10/13

day off

ALDS games 3, and 4-5 if needed 10/15-17.

day off

ALCS games 1- 2 10/19-20

day off

ALCS games 3-7 ( if necessary) 10/22-26.

Thats 5-7 games in 11 days

Followed by games 5 days in a row.

After the WC round gets 5 days for 3 games?

Because MLB wanted to “shorten the calendar due to the late start”

The off day between games 1 and 2 only make sense for tv but the wild card series couldn’t be any shorter and still get the 3 games. End season, day off, potentially 3 games, day off next round.

The season could go all the way to Nov 5, which would be the latest the season has ever been played

Not really a ton of good choices here

Teams may be able to get by with just 3 starters. If that is the case I put JV, Valdez and Lance (if he can stay healthy) up as pretty solid.

In the ALDS a game 1 starter could pitch in game 4 on normal rest but you likely still need a 4th starter for game 5. In the ALCS you play games 1 and 2 before a day off but then it’s 5 games in 5 days so you probably need 5 starters. World Series is same as always, 2/3/2 with normal travel days off

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It looks like the length of postseason ( 22 possible games in 30 days) is the best anyone can hope for.

But 5 days off before the playoffs start and then an off day after game one is TERRIBLE. And then another off day after game 2?

Whichever teams get the bye will only be playing 2 games in the 9 days after the season ends.

Then 10 games in 12 days after that ( if series’ go the distance)

Surely they could do better

A 3 game WC was agreed to. You have a better solution? TV doesn’t want both leagues playing on the same day for every round, it’s always staggered. Btw last season the Astros last game was 10/3 then started the DS on 10/7. This year if the Astros are playing in the DS it’ll be 10/5 to 10/11 so only 2 extra days, considering those two days could have games… not much more you can do

I don’t know if its “fair” or not, but I would start the WC series the day after the season and the LDS on day 4.

If the WC winner wants a day off, they sweep.

Its extra incentive to get a top 2 seed, and the top 2 seeds only have 3 days off not 5.

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So lets say the Mariners have to go play the Guardians in the WC series
They play in Seattle 10/5
Cleveland 10/6-8 if they win that
New York 10/9-10
Then back to Seattle 10/12-13

This seems like a good plan to you? A day off before and after each series is a minimum. Always has been

No its not a good plan.

But its not any worse than the current one.

The difference is your scenario penalizes the WC teams but the real schedule penalizes the top 2 seeds.

And as for “always has been” there has always been at least 1 day off in any 4 day period before.

“Always has been” doesn’t really mean much.

Or and this would be even worse, the Orioles play in Baltimore 10/5
Seattle 10/6-8
Houston 10/9

Come on this is not realistic

2 extra days is not much, and being able to line up your rotation is a huge advantage

Edit: if the WC team plays all 3 games then they will be starting their 4th best starter and probably have an already worn out bullpen and no shot of having the best starter pitch twice. That is your advantage

I understand your point

There simply is no good option.

You contend its not fair expect the WC winner to have to start their 4th starter and a fatigued bullpen in game 1 of the LDS.

I get that and you are right.

However, I contend that too much time off is just as much a disadvantage.

Lets say JV, Framber. and Javier are the top 3 playoff starters and started the final 3 games of the season.

LDS game 1 JV starts on 7 days rest. Vs WC #4 starter.

LDS game 2 Framber starts on 8 days rest vs WC teams #1 on 5 days.

LDS game 3 Javier starts on 9 days rest vs WC teams #2 on 6 days.

LDS game 4 JV on 4 days or Lance on ? days vs WC #3 on 6 days.

Who is to say the Asttos starters command is sharp? And in games #2 and 3 especially they could be against a very good starter in a better rest/rust situation.

As I said there is no good scenario

The day off after game 1 has been done before, and yes it is strictly a money grab to ensure TV time for each series.

But especially for the FTY series.

Which will be played in prime time.

(This is what led FYB to make the Astros and FTC play in Milwaukee in the first week of September in 2008; the playoff TV schedule has been set and they would not risk throwing it off)

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Never said the WC team having to start number 4 is unfair. Just that, what you suggest is that actual humans potientially fly back and forth across the country and play a professional sport with no days off, is ludicrous.