2022 MLB predictions

Let’s hear it folks:

AL - Rays, White Sox, Astros; WC - Jays, Twins, Mariners
NL - Braves, Cards, Dodgers; WC - Mets, Padres, Giants

White Sox over Mariners; Jays over Twins
Astros over Jays; White Sox over Rays
Astros over White Sox

Giants over Cards; Padres over Mets
Padres over Dodgers; Braves over Mets
Padres over Braves

Astros over Padres

MVPs - Vladito and Machado
Cy - Verlander and Buehler
ROY - Witt and Suzuki


The Astros must have cheated to keep the Yankees out of the predictions.


AL Rays/White Sox/Astros WC Blue Jays/Yankees/Mariners

NL Braves/Brewers/Dodgers WC Giants/Mets/Padres

Astros over Blue Jays
White Sox over Rays
Astros over White Sox

Dodgers over Mets
Braves over Brewers
Dodgers over Braves

Astros over Dodgers which would be the most fun thing to ever happen

MVP Vlad Jr/Soto
Cy Young Cole/Nola
ROy Witt Jr/Suzuki

Way to early, but i like the idea of pena in ROY race.

He’s got my vote just for showing up.

No pressure right?

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That would be nice, but ROY will go to someone who bashes 30 homers.

You may be right. But i think he is capable of possibly and 20 and 20 plus season homers and SB. Also i could see a possiblity of .280 plus avg. His defense is ranked very high, which could also play a factor in the ROY. A long time to go.

Where can I get some of whatever that is?

wishful thinking, but his numbers haven’t been bad in the minors, the majors if another apple. He has been improving, yet that also includes limited playing time.

It’s Opening Day. The world is bright and sunny.