2022 Dead Pool

Have we given up on ‘22 already?


Peter Bogdanovich

As long as my name does not appear in this thread, I will consider this a very good year.


Sir Sidney Poitier


This news got me reading about someone I thought I knew about. Never knew he was accidentally born in the US and thus became a citizen, and still don’t know why his career seemed to relatively dry up for someone so significant throughout the 60s.

It’s a mystery.

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One of my favorite, and probably one of the the most underrated, movies of all time is Sneakers. I always loved him in that.



I never understood how such a weird movie got such a loaded cast, but I love it.

100 percent. It’s SUCH a weird movie, but it’s also brilliant.

I’m sad to report that it appears that Sneakers is not available to stream anywhere free currently.

We watched this recently (my wife had never seen it) and I was delighted and floored by how well it held up. I remember thinking it was the Best Movie Ever when I was twelve or some shit.

In the Heat of the Night and They call me, Mister Tibbs! Virgil Tibbs was an iconic character. Great films. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? To Sir, with Love… Great actor. Poitier made great stuff in the 60s 70s 80s and 90s – all after the 1963 March on Washington. It’s a bit false narrative to suggest that his career faltered as a result of his active participation in the civil rights movement of the 60s and it does his career achievements an injustice to imply that. He was great.


I wasn’t trying to imply that, but just looking at the frequency of roles, he slowed down quite a bit which is strange for what I assumed was a big star. Segments today indicated that he was more focused on directing during that period.

Lillies of the Field.

Starting with “Stir Crazy” in the early 80’s, he decided to start directing and not act so much, and enjoy life.

Won the Academy Award for best actor for that. Porgy and Bess, Blackboard Jungle, The Defiant Ones, Raisin in the Sun… He made great films before '63 too. He was such a ground breaker. Everything Denzel, Forrest, Morgan, Samuel, Billy Dee, Louis, and countless others have done was done by standing on Poitier’s shoulders.

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Bob Saget, dead at 65.

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He was on tour in Orlando. Sheriff’s statement said no foul play or drugs suspected.

His response to Norm McDonald’s death was pretty touching.

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Wow, that one seems a shocker.