2022 Corpus Christi Hooks (AA)

Oof…platinum sombrero for Shay Whitcomb tonight.

35% K rate on the season.

Updating and expanding on this…

Currently on a 7-game hitting streak where he’s hitting a scorching .563 (18-32) with 6 doubles, 1 triple and 3 HRs.

Since May 1: .335/.408/.633 with 21 doubles, 4 triples and 15 HRs in 63 games.

His .977 OPS for the season ranks 5th in the Texas League. Interestingly, the four players in front of him have all been promoted to AAA (or in the case of Esteury Ruiz the big leagues with San Diego).

Plus 4 golden sombreros.

3 (2 goldens and that platinum) have come in his last 5 games.

Justin Dirden with 4 hits tonight and now up to .318/.404/.590 on the season.

The NDFA (signed by Jim Stevenson in 2020) ranks 2nd in BA, SLG and OPS among all Astros minor leaguers this season with only Enmanuel Valdez ahead of him.

(minimum 300 PAs)

What is it about Jim Stevenson that you love so much, that you make it a point to mention every player 12-20 round, every UDFA, every whoever?

Why him and no other scouts?

Because of his success rate.

Because the organization leans on him heavily when it comes to drafting players.

Year in, year out.


I don’t know what his success rate is, that’s why I was asking.

This is honest question…who, and why, him?

For those that don’t know him this is as good a primer as any…

Because aside from Stevenson there is little continuity on the Astros domestic scouting side.

Stevenson’s impressive resume is why he’s lasted so long.

OK, then, thanks for the info.

Dirden continues to roll. 3 more hits including his 17th HR. When does he get the call to AAA? Maybe after trade deadline passes?

I imagine that if Siri heads out in a trade, Dirden will likely take his place.

I know nothing about Dirden. Corner OFer only?

Probably. His bio says all three, but I don’t know if his CF is acceptable or not. He’s already 25, so it’s definitely time to find out if there’s any more upside. Maybe he’s a late bloomer.

If memory serves, he had a great sophomore year, then had a season ending injury early on in his junior year and then had his senior year cut down to next to nothing due to COVID. Ended up signing with us via FA route. Point is…maybe we found a diamond in the rough that would have long since been picked up via draft if he’d not missed so much time.

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And here’s a Tulsa radio interview with him today. Only player drafted this year he talks about is Garrett McGowan. But it is interesting to hear Jim talk about him as well as how the draft process and minors have changed over the last few years. And no he’s not happy about it…

The interview starts at about the 28:30 mark.

26 year old catcher Cesar Salazar hitting .417/.463/.708 over his last 13 games with 3 HRs and 5 doubles.

His K rate in time split between CC and SL this year is just 17%.

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