2022 ALCS Game 1 Yankees at Astros


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JV missing a bit in that first AB. Tighten up

Fuck, first and second 2 out

Dammit Altuve! You had time to make a good throw!

Two free baserunners in the first inning.

Not ideal

Verlander pulls the string on Donaldson for the ponche!

More adventurous than you’d like but JV throws up a zero


I like ALCS doubles!

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He smoked that pitch.

Wisely wanted no part of Yordan.

That may as well have been an intentional walk to Yordan. Two on for Bregman.

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I hope Bregman doesn’t take that kindly.


Fine catch.

Nice play by the big guy.

Circus freak makes a great catch to save two runs. Taillon getting hit hard.

Thought for sure Bregman had doubled

SHit! Tucker grounds out to end the threat.

I’ve decided that, for me, this is the World Series.

Maybe Altuve swinging at the first pitch wasn’t the best strategy.