2021 Minor League Season Will Run From May to Early October

(There was some mentioning/speculating about a delayed start for the minors in another thread but I thought I would put this here)

Per BA reporting, MLB issued a memo yesterday which indicated:

  • Spring training for Double-A and Class A players will not begin until MLB and Triple-A players have departed from spring training.

  • Accordingly, the start of the AA, hi-A and lo-A seasons will be delayed and most likely won’t start until May

  • AAA likely to adhere to a normal schedule running from early April until early September (but this is not set in stone)

  • No playoffs this year

  • Not sure whether this is finalized but a one day off a week schedule is being looked at. That means according to BA there will be 6-game series against a particular opponent rather than 3 and 4-game series as in the past

The Southern league was using 5 game series in 2019. It worked well for them.