2021 Awards

Thought I’d start this here. I was reading along in the Athletic Stark’s projections here:

…and, then, discounted everything he said in the entire article when he ended with this:

" MY AL MANAGER OF THE YEAR “BALLOT”: 1) Cash, 2) Servais, 3) A.J. Hinch, 4) Charlie Montoyo, 5) Dusty Baker."

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Seems like a well reasoned list.

I know Ohtani may be a hot button given his team’s performance.

Hell, I wonder if a league MVP has had a lower BA (.257).

But he gets my vote even though his team sucks ass.

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With the Jays missing the playoff, I don’t think there’s a candidate from a playoff team (Correa might finish third at best) so it should go to Ohtani.

Judge! You’re forgetting Judge!

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