2021 Astros Milestones

Don’t want to fuck with the baseball gods but he should move into 8th place by the end of season (Cheo and Bob Watson are just ahead of him with 138 and 139 respectively).

We tend to take a lot of things for granted with Altuve.

He’s now 31 years old.

Pretty impressive set of bullet points he’s accumulated.

Here’s hoping he keeps adding to the list.

He was on his way to a HOF career at one time. I do not take him for granted at all, but I do lament the talent he wastes by not being more disciplined at the plate.

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Now tied with Cheo at 138 with the leadoff HR tonight.

And if you missed it last night he passed Berkman to move in to the 5th spot on the all-time Astros hit list with 1649 (now 1650). Next up is Cesar Cedeno at 1659.

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Pretty impressive.

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A couple today would have been nice.

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For the 90% who had turned off the game by then, Altuve with career hit #1700 in the 9th inning tonight.



I think Yordan did that this year, not last year.

It still feels like 2020.