2020 Was a Long Century

While the COVID-19 pandemic (rightly) sucks up most of the news coverage, and will fight for airtime with the coming election soon enough, I figured that we should have another thread for the other important and/or whacky stuff that’s going on.

Like, just today:

  • Oil prices inverted, so that they would give you $33 for every barrel of oil you took (no backsies); and

  • Kim Jong Un is rumored brain dead after complications from cardiac surgery.

Seoul is saying they can’t confirm it and their sources have not given them any signs that this is true. That’s the nature of North Korean news though. Nobody really knows for sure.

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Where can I go to get me a few barrels of crude?

It’s back up to $15 now, an increase of 165,000%. Better get in now, while the deals last.

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Was one of his nervous relatives the Doctor?

I do wonder if there was a rather dead pan and unconvincing “Oops!” during the procedure.

He’ll have another shot in June. Perhaps he wont’t be paid for the courtesy, but they’ll give it away.

Using Dr Phil was a bad choice

Assisted by Dr Oz.

But seriously, after a reign of terror like that, I don’t know how you could ever trust a surgeon.

It appears more likely than ever now that Kim died during or after his recent heart op.

One weird trivia item from this will be that North Korea will have a female head of state before the US.

Say what you will about the Fat Kid, but he accomplished the one thing that his father and grandfather desperately wanted and never could: elevating North Korea to a legitimate player on the world stage by a face to face meeting as equals with a sitting United States President.

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I suspect that voters in MI, PA and WI had more to do with that than Kim.

His father developing nuclear weapons, support from a much richer China and South korean government who thought if was a good idea were important things too.

No doubt having a buffoon as that sitting U.S. President precipitated that. But Kim is/was no dummy. He was raised in the west, he knew the score, and found a way to capitalize. We may not like him, but Kim has absolutely thought circles around our current leadership.

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Kim’s gambit only worked because of the stupidly, ignorance and arrogance of the President. No one else takes that meeting.

Kim could’ve been the love child of Jesus Chris and Albert Einstein, and still only Trump takes that meeting.

I don’t know…if Bill O’Brien were President…

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He would have missed it. The meeting would have expired while he was getting out of the car.

His dad had plenty of chances during the Sunshine Policy of the late 90’s early 2000’s and at times things looked pretty good. Of course Bush Jr. invaded two countries and then tagged North Korea as a member of the Axis of Evil. The nuclear program fired up soon after that. The current President of South Korea realizes that the future economic growth and stability all hinge on improving relations with the north and he’s right.