2020 Postseason, Astros @ Twins Game 2


Springer, CF
Altuve, 2B
Brantley, DH
Bregman, 3B
Tucker, LF
Gurriel, 1B
Correa, SS
Reddick, SS
Maldonado, C

Urquidy, P


Arraez, 2B
Kepler, CF
Cruz, DH
Rosario, LF
Sano, 1B
Kirilloff, RF
Polcanco, SS
Marwin, 3B
Jeffers, C

Berrios, P

Interesting note: Kirilloff, starting in right for the Twins today, is making his Major League Debut. Which makes him the first player to EVER make his debut as a starter in the postseason.

Right, I recall someone for the Royals (Gore?) debuting as a pinch runner.

Mondesi I believe made his debut in the world series as a pinch runner

Just looked it up and he was a pinch hitter

4 LHB & 2 switch hitters in the lineup for Minny. Urquidy has good numbers against LHB, Javier (the presumed Framber for the day) does not.

There have been four players make their Major League debut in the Postseason, most recently Mondesi, who pinch hit in Game 3 of the 2015 World Series. Mark Kiger made his debut in the 2006 ALCS for the A’s. Interestingly, he is the only player in history to ONLY play in the Postseason.


Springer flies out F8 on the first pitch of the game.

Seemed to carry.

Maybe some wind?

Radio guys say 20+


Altuve hammers a one hopper to 2B, bounces off the chest, but he picks it up and easily throws out Altuve for the 4-3…another at 'em.

Is this going to be another shitty ump?


Brantley takes a ball in the dirt for strike two…goodness…swings and misses a bouncer, because ump took the bat right out of his hands.

No score.

And Manny Gonzalez made it 2 batters before calling two obvious balls strikes.


Is there another kind?

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Booth just noted that this is the first Jose vs Jose postseason SP matchup


Arraez…dancing in the box, announcers reminded of Juan Soto, and they still can’t believe he’s only 21 years old…fouling off pitches…announcers bragging about how he NEVER strikes out…strikes out swinging

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Kepler walks


Cruz…who just walked in front of the plate, a huge no-no…flies out F9 against the wall in foul territory.

Thought Josh was gonna run out of room.