2020 Masters

Check out Jon Rahm.

I expect DeChambeau will hit it a long way. Seriously, is it still Thursday through Sunday, will they have enough time for the rounds, is the field reduced?

My main problem is that it competes with football on the weekend, making things difficult for me.

I think the Sunday round is starting at 9am, maybe Saturday, too.

Justin Rose jumped out to a 4-shot lead, but there’s a long way to go.

Some good players right behind him, including Zalatoris who seems to be in a good spot and hitting it on the button.

A lot of guys don’t see what you did there

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Should I have mentioned “stroking it up the middle”?

If you’re in the tall grass then you’re nowhere close.

In the double-entendres stakes, golf is right up there (:wink:) with the attack on the first Death Star.

Strong approach, but tends to come up short of the hole.

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I don’t see a 2 stroke penalty here. Anyone else?

He obviously grounded the club. Just barely, but it seems pretty obvious to me. That little mound of sand right behind the ball gets flattened.

I saw that but without a super zoom in you wouldn’t have seen it. Did it help him any? Without golfers at home looking for violations and reporting them, do you think it would have been called? This isn’t good for golf.

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Golf prides itself on self-enforcement of the rules. No one sticks his arm out on a pitch in the zone, hoping to not get called on it. They all seem fine with it.

Rules are rules. I’m sure that, like Zalatoris, he feels like a bit of a twat.

The starter just fluffed Zalatoris’ last name. I bet he feels etc. etc.

No. This will never get old for me.
[insert Black Panther meme here]

Or “I could do this all day”

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He call him “mulva” or something?

Holy shit Schauffele stomps his dick. Triple bogeys 16 to finish three shots back.

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It must be nice to know – as Matsuyama apparently does – that your drive is always going to be right down the middle. When Spieth is on the tee about the only thing you know is that it probably won’t be wide right.

I can relate. I too have been tripped up by an untimely triple bogey. Usually on #1.

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