2020 ALDS Game 2, Astros @ A's, October 6, 2020

Let’s keep the ball rolling!

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Or keep hitting them over the fence

Just win!

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Let’s kick the A’s ass again. I want to see more vaunting by the offense, great pitching by Framber, and a solid defense behind him.

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It seems like the Astros have hit Manaea more often than not.

Keep your eyes on the ball like you did yesterday, Jose.

Bullshit, Blue.

Not a strike

mother fucker. I am HATING these HPUs

Fuck that. Not another game with this shit.

Robot umps NOW

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another one off the plate

Not a strike again

Holy sweet fuck this ump is a disaster.


That was not graceful.

Brantley fell?

Radio guys playing Van Halen coming back from commercial

Slipped out of the box.

Fuck ump!!