2020 ALDS Game 1, Astros at A's, October 5, 2020

Los Angeles, your champions have returned.

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I want to see a gem by Lance and some vaunting by the Astros’ bats. I, especially, want the pre-2020 versions of Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, Yuli Gurriel and Carlos Correa to show up at the plate.

Let’s shove it up the A’s ass.


Good start George.

Bassitt pitching for Oakland.

Springer leads off with a single true the shift to left

Altuve rockets a ball to third; 5-4 FC, Altuve safe at 1st.

Man, he smoked that ball.

Yep, and that’s a DP with Chapman at 3rd

Rat farts.

Unlucky there. Altuve’s swing was encouraging, though.

Brantley lines softly to short; Altuve was running and is doubled off 6-3

Mid 1 no score

Good start. Three hard hit balls.


Take your chances with good contact.

[quote=“Lefty, post:7, topic:673, full:true”]
Yep, and that’s a DP with Chapman at 3rd

Well, he is not playing. What if Brooks Robinson were there? Or Richie Allen? Or Doug Rader?

LMJ on the bump for the defending American League Champions

La Stella grounds 5-3 to the shifted Bregman

Semien out 1-3 on a hot shot back up the box

I was going to say something encouraging about McCullers, but then I thought about the BBGs and decided to tread lightly for now.

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Lamb works a full count, Ks swinging on a nasty curve

End 1, no score

McCullers’ stuff had a lot of movement in the first inning. Hope that continues.

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it didn’t get a lot of press, but after WS G7 Cole bequeathed his hair to LMJ.

Jeesus Jim, was just saying that Lamb fucked up the DP.

Stros had good hacks that inning.

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