2020 ALCS Game 7, Astros @ Rays, October 17, 2020

1 - George Springer ® CF
2 - Jose Altuve ® 2B
3 - Michael Brantley (L) DH
4 - Carlos Correa ® SS
5 - Alex Bregman ® 3B
6 - Kyle Tucker (L) LF
7 - Yuli Gurriel ® 1B
8 - Josh Reddick (L) RF
9 - Martin Maldonado ® C

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Kiermaier back in the lineup for the Rays

I hope Bregman shows up tonight.


Would certainly be nice if he and Yuli could get going

And Tucker and Josh

All I expect from Josh is play good defense, anything he does with the bat is extra.

Ditto Yuli. Too late to expect him to come alive.

My wife wakes up this morning and innocently dons an Astros shirt. She has no idea the Astros are actually scheduled to play tonight. She has no idea when baseball season is. Actually, if you want to know the truth, she is deeply confused about seasons in general, coming from a place where there are none. Anyway, she’s got an Astros shirt on and at some point during the day goes to the grocery store. She returns and tells me,

You know, the strangest thing happened. A guy in a car sees me walking in and shouts HEY! Are you ready for the game tonight? Umm, yes, sure, certainly I am, I say. OK, he shouts back at her, BUT THIS TIME, NO CHEATING! And she continues, He kept saying that as he drove away, NO CHEATING! He was very animated. NO CHEATING!

She gives me a long look and finally asks, What was he talking about?

I give a long sigh.

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Let’s fucking make history tonight!

Just drank a cup of coffee.

Also, I hope Alex Bregman got the pep talk of his life reminding him that he’s a great hitter, and he snaps out of his funk tonight.

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Good idea. I’m drinking a Topo Chico but now I’m gonna make a cup of coffee.

Life in a bubble.

Love Street…engaged.

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Ball, excise me swinging bunt to Lowe at 2B

I can’t imagine being this nervous and drinking coffee.


Ball, called strike, flies out to Kiermaier in right center (he was shaded that way)

Got my tv synced to Astros Radio

For me it’s like giving ritalin to a hyper active kid.

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Called strike, swings through 97 from Morton, singles to left