2020 ALCS Game 5, Rays @ Astros, October 15, 2020

My beautiful wife of 22 years just walked in on me eating a massive bowl of Frito Pie and asked, “what in the world is that you’re eating? It stinks.”. Sometimes, it’s like she doesn’t even know me at all. But, y’all do. Let’s go!!!


Just wait…

It’s Luis Garcia. Five big league games; one start. The postseason Fayetteville Woodpecker crew is asked to step up again.

I don’t know that we had a better option. So let’s win this thing!

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Let’s live to fight another day!

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Luis Garcia pitching for the Astros


Called strike, flies out to Tucker in LF

Ted Barrett behind the plate

If you’re gonna throw Arozarena a fastball, that’s a good place to throw it.


Ball above Arozarena’s head, swings and misses at a slider, ball, called strike on a high fastball, lines out to Tucker in LF (got away with a mistake)

Bad breaking ball got drilled…lucky he didn’t elevate it and hit it right at Tucker

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Swings over a breaking pitch, fouled away (broke his bat), ball, great changeup for a swinging strikeout

Pretty good first inning from Garcia. Just get outs big fella

Need the Astros’ bats to come alive early and often today

John Curtiss on the mound for the Rays



Springer Dinger!

First Pitch got Sprung!!!


First pitch dinger!

1 pitch. Out. Springer Dinger!

Unfucking believable!

Gary Pettis in the stands. Very good to see.