2020 ALCS Game 3, Rays @ Astros, October 13, 2020

Stop fucking around!


Game 3: This Time It’s Personal

Let’s play a complete team game tonight and kick the Rays’ ass. This team is capable of winning four out of five against anyone if they play their best.

97 from Urquidy

Outta the way, 9 Pin.

Good job, Urquidy.

George got some steps in.

Now, let’s get the bats going and jump on Yarbrough early.



Jose, Jose, Jose!!!

Let’s go!

Bregman did something to baseball gods. WTF


Didn’t steal a homerun.

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Great play by Kiermaier.

He made it look tough

That ball really carried. Almost fooled the dude.

He jumped bc he didn’t know where the wall was.

I’m guessing that’s unfamiliarity with the warning track. He thought he was against the wall, when he was four feet from it.

You’re right. It was a warning track out that he didn’t need to jump for.