What are you drinking, 2023…and 2024?

Shiner Black Lager

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Greetings, fellow Blanco County denizen

Comal, but whatever. Been traversing Blanco for most of my life.

Also, just to be clear, I’m not saying you shouldn’t drink Founders or judging you for enjoying their beer at all.

I just personally think that their ownership is fucking garbage.

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I’m sure you could find something wrong with every owner. Not you, per se, but whomever. I am not aware of what you are speaking, not that it matters. If that’s the case, maybe suggestions in this thread will take on a whole new meaning.

Don’t close this thread, MM.

If you’re interested in why I feel that way: Founders Brewing hit with another racial discrimination lawsuit

Edit to add: I’m sure there are problems a lot of places. But Founders ownership/leadership has had a problem for years and clearly isn’t doing anything to better themselves, and that, for me at least, is pretty problematic.

I understand your stance. I guess Lone Star will have to do.

Might I recommend any of the other wonderful dark beers you mentioned locally? Or, if you’re looking for something a little more boozy, there are a bunch of solid year round stouts out of DFW.

Lakewood’s Temptress
Tupps and their Grown Man series
Whatever weird shit Martin House is selling that’s barrel aged


He locked others after Snuffy repl…

I don’t have that kind of power

I meant HH, not MM. Fucking Keystone.


I hear you. Dark and stormy packs a punch on a hot day. Several pack many punches.

Everyone has a plan until they get a dark n stormy to the face.


The second rule of dark and stormy club is:

Everybody drinks


Yikes. I’ve heard of them before, but not sure I’ve ever had one of their beers and I won’t be starting now.

Yeah, there are a few really popular breweries that are unfortunately owned/run by total fuckheads.

Which ones?

The other legit standout shit bag is Hill Farmstead in Vermont.

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