Vinyl recs

I picked up the live Stop Makin Sense album from the Talking Heads at Cactus Music a few weeks ago. Highly recommend.

I agree with chuck that part of the fun of vinyl is getting up every twenty minutes or so to move to the next side/album. That intentionality itself makes the experience more fulfilling for me, then simply streaming whatever is on my phone.


The re-mastered re-release in theaters of Stop Making Sense is an absolute must-see.

My old vhs tape didn’t do it justice.

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That’s the one thing that might actually get me to a movie theater these days.

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Also, to contribute to the thread:

Ray Charles, Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music

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I saw it last week. It was every bit as enjoyable and overwhelming as it was the first time I saw it in 1984.


Did you see Byrne’s American Utopia?

Also, there’s a few good ideas in this song:

[Buys ticket for the Talking Heads and sneaks into the Taylor Swift movie]

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“Why not both?”

I just don’t get Taylor Swift. My grandparents didn’t get the Beatles either, but I don’t think it’s the same.

Taylor Swift aged more gracefully.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of the Allman Brothers. The first “grown-up” song I ever sang to him was an Allman Brothers tune. And now look at him, collecting vinyl and stuff.

More gracefully than Paul McCartney? She’s not 80 yet, but I don’t love her chances.

No one has aged more gracefully than Sir Paul.


And the best thing is that he hasn’t had any obvious plastic surgery. I’m sure he gets Botox out the wazoo (so to speak) when touring and promoting an album but he still looks mostly like an old Paul McCartney, you know?

I nominate Susanna Hoffs. She literally gets hotter every day that passes, and any excuse to think of her is welcomed.



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