Twins at Astros, June 1, 2024

Why do you not have a TV in the bathroom/back porch?

Yordan, dos!

4D chess of Altuve to remove himself as a distraction for Yordan.

TK stated that Yordan only had 2 HR and 4 RBIs in May.


Altuve lines out barely over the 2b
Tucker pops to LF
Altuve thrown out stealing. this didn’t need a good throw, out by a mile.
Strike 2 to Bregman again scrapes dirt. Bregman takes his timeout to walk away before saying something he regrets. Then bounces off Ryan’s glove for a single.
Pena strikes out looking at the random strike generator.

End 5, 5-0 Astros


Leadoff HBP
Santana 5-4-3 cleans that up nicely. Good thing Santana drags an entire barge behind him.
Vazquez K swinging.

Through 6, 65 pitches and faced the minimum. 5-0 Astros.


Castillo relieves Ryan
Meyers bounces 1-3
Dubon sneaks a single through the right side, giving him an 8-game hitting streak
Abreu 5-4-3. He is history’s greatest monster.

End 6, 5-0 Astros.

And there goes the no-no

And the shutout.

“Astros get their bullpen going”

He said with 2 outs, 2 on with a run already in in the 7th inning.

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Margot singles just out of Altuve’s reach. There goes the no-no.
Correa lines to LCF, Dubon breaks quickly to catch it.
WP advances Margot
Jeffers flies just in front of LF wall
Miranda soft liner over 2b, run scores. 5-1 Astros.
Another WP, Miranda to 2b.
Buxton walks on 3-2. Framber no longer has any clue where the ball is going.
6u bouncer ends the threat.

Stretch time, 5-1 Astros


Framber got his part done.

And knowing that Framber has gotten the shit beaten out of him third time through the order.
(I get that he had the no-hitter. But when you saw him react to that first run, BAbreu should have jumped to his feet.)



Castillo still in
Caratini flies to LF
Tucker pops to deep SS
Yordan smacks a single to RF, 103 mph. Altuve to 2b
Bregman ends the rally

End 7, 5-1 Astros

Twins on the corners, two out…

5-2, Runners back on the corners, tying run at the plate



BAbreu in
This may shock you, but the leadoff hitter reaches on a single to LF
Santana walks on 3-2
6-4-3 DP gets things in much better shape
Walk puts runners on the corners
Correa dying fly to RF, Tucker can’t quite get it. Runner scores, still first and third.
Jeffers strikes out.

Another very shaky inning by BAbreu. 5-2 Astros.


Staumont in relief
Pena routine groundout
Meyers also a routine groundout
Dubon taps to the pitcher. That was quick.

End 8, 5-2 Astros. Hader coming in to close.

Great catch Jake!

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