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That sounds like a damn good cookbook.


There’s a newer paperback version, but this is the one I have

Haha, the Prime ad that popped up with that was for a workout t-shirt.

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The classic joke about the zoo in NOLA is that every animal case has two information cards: one about the animal and where it’s from etc., and the other about how to cook it.

At least, I think it’s a joke…


It’s impossible to overstate how badass this is.

I’m having Big Jet TV withdrawal.


Speaking of big jets, Auburn had a refueling tanker do a low flyover as a part of pregame. I bet Tom Berringer spilled his coffee.

Cool view from the belly camera of the plane. At the end, it was funny to hear them say “we were super late”.


Speaking of airborne tankers, here’s an animated explanation of how the RAF mounted the longest bombing raid in history, on the airfield at Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands.

The nads on these guys are huge. I know, I went to school with a couple of them.

Flyovers aren’t quite as dramatic from the plane’s point of view are they?


They were super late but still super bad ass.

Two things:

  • Watch the rudder the whole way. The pilot was working it. No need for the gym that evening.
  • Think, for a second, about the pneumatic tires. What a marvel of engineering for them to withstand the forces at play of a loaded commercial jetliner (over 1,000,000 lbs) landing at 200+mph with (forward) directionally set wheels hitting pavement at what looks to be a 40º angle.

Yep. It’s got to be done that way because you are trying to make the plane act like a weather vane. Also, at these low speeds, any aileron input risks stalling a wing - just one - which will turn your weather vane into a Catherine wheel in a heartbeat.

The final flick to straighten up is done by putting your boot into the rudder pedal. If you don’t have wheels on the deck at or immediately after that moment, the wind will push you sideways off the runway.

I learned to fly in gliders, so my instructors on powered aircraft tried (and mostly failed) to rid me of the learned technique of kicking the plane around the sky using the rudder. It’s tons of fun, but it might not be comfortable for passengers; the best analogy I can think of is drifting a car. So when we got to practice things like crosswind landings, it was like throwing me back into the briar patch.

Instructor: “Now you’re going to need control your drift angle with the rudder here.”
Pilot-in-Training (18-year old me): “OK”

Inst: “Don’t be scared to use more rudder movement than usual.”
PIT: [Stomp]

Inst: “Urgh! Fucking gliders…”

So…when I had my place up in Freestone County, I used to battle mesquite something fierce on the tractor. I was puncturing tires left and right, at least one, sometimes two, every time I had to shred the pasture. Then someone told me about a company here in Houston that sold used aircraft tires for tractors. Those things are virtually indestructible. Best money I ever spend on my tactor…apart from the tractor itself.

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The new (it’s about 3 years old now) New Orleans airport is a gem. One of the nicer United Clubs too.

On the opposite end: Atlanta-Hartsfield is a hellhole.


There’s an old joke amongst pilots: “Even the flight to Hell goes through Atlanta.”

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Personally, I’ve had more trouble getting through O’Hare in a timely manner than Atlanta-Hartfield.

Anybody have opinions about Merida?

I found it interesting for a few days in 1996.

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A couple of beaches nearby, one north the other west. We also went to Uxmal and Chitzen-Itza. Uxmal was day trip but spent the night in Valladolid for the Chitzen-Itza trip.

We’re spending a couple of nights on our way to Campeche.