The sci-fi TV thread

Ep 3 will not disappoint.

Right? I don’t know why but I’m so down for whatever they want to do.

So I made it thru S1 of Discovery.

Hoo boy. I found it best to just to forget any thought that it was a Star Trek show.

I like most of the cast/crew. Exception: this Sarek is completely devoid of… everything.

The plot? Thru the first 2/3 I thought hey this isn’t so bad. Then that thing happened and holy crap I hated, HATED, the last 1/3.

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Time travel and the mirror universe are the shiny objects I keep hoping Star Trek writers will just leave alone, but they never do.

Season 2 is a lot better.


It’s like they said what if we took the Enterprise D concept and just rammed that concept down everyone’s throat?


There are no shows where we hit the skip button faster than mirror universe ones. What a waste.

According to.“some”, in only an alternate/mirror universe would UT be #3 if Alabama and FSU won.

Uhhhhh. Wrong thread.

That should at least have come with a trigger warning.

I said only in an alternate universe would they leave out Alabama. Try again.

I said UT was in regardless and you said an Alabama win would call that into question.

Was putting it in here given the convo over parallel universes.

If you don’t use the phrase tachyon pulse in your next post you’re gonna have to move on.

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I don’t have any of their records. Are they good? Killer name for the band, I give them that.

Here’s what I said:

“There is no way in hell they don’t take the SEC champion. Alabama is in.”


“There is no way they take 1-loss teams and it not include a team from the SEC. No way.”

Swing and miss again.

You were warned.


Haven’t seen this posted/talked about here, but man, I hope they don’t fuck this up:


“From the studio that brought you ‘The Boys’…and free 2-day shipping.”

That got a lol from me.


I know nothing about the video game series, but this looks like a fun time. I’ll be avoiding all other trailers and spoilers from now on.

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I absolutely adore the Fallout series of games. The story/world is huge, with plenty to draw on. If they do it right, it could be incredibly.