Sunday lineup

Dusty’s been managing a long time, Dusty thinks he knows what he’s doing, Dusty wishes people would stop telling him how to manage a baseball team. – paraphrased

That is a fond but faint hope, Dusty.

Replace “Dusty” with “I” and that’s pretty much what he’s said defensively in several interviews when he gets questioned about PT and lineups and such.

Yep, I read the most recent one.

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Same with “that’s fan stuff” stats and actually watching the game is fan stuff. Dusty is given the lineup straight from the man upstairs at 2 am the morning of the game

During the postseason? Yes.

He is not, unless it started very recently, being told what to do from voices on high.

When I saw the lineup posted yesterday, two things sprant to mind: 1) that looks familiar for some reason and 2) it will score 0 or 10+ runs with my bet on 10+.

Look at that lineup. LOOK AT IT. McPuddin’ and Diaz as your 8 and 9 hitters. Oh… My… Goodness… Nowhere for a pitcher to hide. It must be exhausting.


This is it in a nutshell. When the Astros were scuffling, you’d look at the lineup and 5-9 were pretty much automatic outs. You basically were playing a 3 or 4-inning game offensively. With a healthy Altuve, Alvarez, Brantley and Diaz in the lineup, it’s a 9-inning gauntlet for opposing pitchers.


It’s Wednesday. I would like to see the Sunday lineup again. It’s the obviously best lineup and would be nice to see occasionally given the Postseason is not assured and there are fewer than 20 games left.

I await the lineup alert on my phone with great trepidation.

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I am pretty sure that even that vaunted lineup will score 0, 1 or 2 runs against this juggernaught A’s team this evening.

I say give it a try

It’s up. It’s not.

I’d rather see the “Sunday Lineup” but will take this opportunity to call that we will all be singing the following chorus later tonight…

Big Joooon…Big Jooon….Big JaaaaOn….Big Bad Jon!

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I think we are all singing “I want a Sunday kinda lineup the kind that last past the 7 spot”.

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Singleton at 1b


Guess the middle of the order going 1 for 30 isn’t enough. They need to strike out more.

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Reduces the risk of double plays.

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It’s Sunday again and the obviously best lineup has yet to make a reappearance.

It’s ridiculous.