Sea Hags at Astros, 8/19/23

Yordan has yet to make an appearance in this series.

Well that’s just perfect.

WTF Tuve

Guessing Altuve just didn’t know how many outs there were.

This is nowhere close to a championship level team.

Curious what Pettis was doing while the ball was in the air

Other than the starting pitching, the bullpen, the offense, the defense, the baserunning, and the managing…they’re this close.

The two people behind me spent a couple hundred for their seats, but all they are doing is yakking - yelling, really - about random bullshit, nonstop. They haven’t stopped to watch plays or pay attention to anything other than the roaring of their own heads. Now they’re talking about buying records. And now it’s baggy jeans. And now it’s tennis shoes.

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The kicking game is solid.


Pretty amazing because I saw Os Mutantes the other night and once again I almost got into it with a pair of idiots who were chatting as loudly as possible right behind me, usually during the softest moments of the set. I was thinking that I needed to tightrope the situation because I didn’t have my man Brandy to back me up this time.

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I don’t expect the Astros to make the post season, but of course if they do, anything can happen.

Framber, put that thing back in your pants and stop stepping on it.

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I will fuck some shit up if necessary.

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Oh, I know. And, apparently, so did that idiot that night. I got the set list again, too.

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That probably hit the ground.

Catch that, sucker.

Did someone forget to wake Dusty up to challenge that “catch”?


Make em pay.

Looked like a catch on the replay. Too close for NY to overturn, most likely.