Royals @ Astros, September 23, 2023

Fuck this, I’m watching the Horns.


Waters caught stealing

It looks a lot like Yordan’s elbow is affecting his swing.

Infield now comes in

Punch out

Attaboy, France

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OK no runs for KC in the second, hope our bats WTFU

France pitches around the trouble…middle of two, 1-0 Royals

Something is, because he is not driving the ball.

What a Houdini act there in T2. Astros need to score here.

Abreu takes a 2-1 cripple fastball right down the middle, rolls out on a pitch a foot outside.

Still looking for our first hit

Chas lines out

Diaz singles, Astros first hit

To win, we gotta score

To score, we gotta get hits

To get hits, we gotta bat smart

Thanks Yaner, come on Pena

Peña grounds out

End of two…1-0

and there we go again

Ok, cocktail time

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Royals have put the leadoff runner on every inning

Fly ball to Cf, and runner tags and moves to 2B