Rockies at Astros 8-18-20

Toro, from the left side, watches 2 balls then 2 strikes, fouls, fouls, reaches on a HBP on an inside FB that catches his elbow

Maldonado with a man on 1st Ks swinging

Mayfield (playing SS today) 5-4-3 inning ending DP


Top 4

Blackmon 0-2 to 2-2. Lines a single to right center

Arenado 0-2 to 2-2, grounds into 1-4-3 dp

Murphy flies out F8 in left center

Mid 4

Astros still looking for a hit

Bottom 4

Straw 2-2, fouls, 3-2, Ks swinging

Reddick pops out F5 behind the mound

Bregman (robbed in his 1st AB by his counterpart), lines a 1-2 pitch to left for a single

Yuli 0-2 singles to left, Bregman to 2nd

Tucker 2-2, 3-2, hooks one foul, taps one up the middle fielded by Story as Yuli arrives, they both stumble awkwardly as Story taps the bag for the 4U FC.

Top 5

Tapia 4-3

McMahon Ks swinging on a ball in the dirt, Maldonado completes the putout 2-3

Hilliard taps over the mound, fielded by the shifted Mayfield who throws him out 6-3

Mid 5

Astros looking for a run or four

This is fucking pathetic so far.

Altuve’s last at bat was quite possibly the worst I’ve ever seen him have.

Bottom 5

Altuve 0-2, Ks swinging on a slider way outside

Toro flies out

Maldonado Ks swinging

For those fortunate enough to miss it, he jumped on an off speed pitch way early, pulled it way foul.

The next 2 were sliders that were never strikes and in the break ended up in the opposite box. Of course swung at both.

He’s helpless right now.

Top 6

Wolters lines out to Mayfield

Doug Eddings just read Bud Black the riot act, and it was all caught on the field mic.

Told him another word and he was gone after a knee high strike on a breaking ball.

Hampson takes a strike low, chirping from dugout leads HPU Eddings to say if I hear anything else you’re gone, pushes a bunt to 1B, field by Yuli who tosses to Greinke on a dead sprint for the 3-1 putout