Rays @ Astros, 7/30/2023

Is Dubón really a better defender in CF than Chas?

Dubón hasn’t played CF yet this year, and I assume this is to get him some reps in case Meyers is traded and he’s the backup to Chas. Or it’s a Dusty “gut feeling” today.

But to answer your question…no

Certainly nothing to do with Bielak not being able to hit the side of a fucking barn.

Jeebus Altuve.

Of course Peña singles after that.

Tucker has had a forgettable series.

Popups for everybody!

Oh fuck off

Jeebus Bregman. Defense has cost five runs today.

Me and the Third Man are here, but I didn’t know the Astros would spot them five runs.

What a fugly game

And another one

On the plus side, Urquidy is getting hammered in his rehab start

More 2-out walks…yay!

This is exactly the sort of middling pitching performance a really good team needs to get behind and win. I know he’s walked some guys and that’s not good, but the defense has been an abomination.

Middle of four…Rays with five unearned runs, lead 6-0

Exactly. He got into some trouble, and you say “you gotta make a pitch to get out of this”. He makes it, gets a candy hop right at a corner infielder and they fucking kick it.

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Getting totally shut down by a bullpen scrub is fucking infuriating

They don’t have to throw their backup catcher every game.

They called up a AAA guy last night for this game and they may not need him.