Pedro Leon

Thanks, Jim.

And for the record I became a fan as an 8 year old in spring training of '79.

I do remember Cesar, but only towards the end.

I do hope to be cheering Pedro on for many many years.

Three whiffs tonight, though he did reach twice on a BB and a HBP.

4-35 with 17 Ks.

.474/.545/.947 in 6 games so far in June with 5 XBH (3 doubles, 2 HRs) while whiffing just 3 times.


Hardly surprising to me. Professional baseball is not easy, even for the talented.

Kaplan with some of the hiccups Leon has experienced…

Has been selected to play in the Futures Game.

Leon got one at-bat in the Futures Game and struck out on changeup. According to Keith Law, during batting practice, Leon demonstrated a short swing but only warning-track power.

Many of the Cuban players in the system have been posting on IG in solidarity with the current protests on the island…

That is a powerful image.

Posted on IG not by Pedro Leon but by Rolando Espinosa (currently injured but on the FCL Astros roster)…

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If healthy, does Leon get a September call up?

I’d say a zero chance. Among other reasons, the rule now is only 28 players in September. Those extra 2 spots are very likely going to go to pitchers (or maybe to a third catcher).