J Abreu

I did. And I’m glad Cintron has a watchful eye on him. Hope he’s able to turn it around.

I can read an article and speculate all I want. I said it was my opinion based on what I’ve read. I never said anything was a fact. There is nothing wrong with that. I can speculate all I want. I can speculate that you’re a son of a bitch who loves to take shots a folks who post something you don’t like. Doesn’t mean that it’s truth. But I can speculate now, tomorrow and next week that it could be true.

Woo, he’s mad. I try to limit my shots to dumbass comments. That is why I took a shot at yours.

No, I’m not mad. Years ago, you could and did make me mad, but I’ve gotten used to it over the years. It is what it is.

Many people are saying…

You poor thing.

Lots of folks on here know me, drink beer with me, and go to games with me. You don’t.

A morning am radio sports talk show mentioned that Abreu is having problems seeing pitches right now. Is this more, or less encouraging than other possible reasons for Abreu’s decline?

This kind of reminds me of Cesar Cedeno in 1977. He was terrible the first three months and hitting about .180. He finally asked out of the lineup for a few days. He had a great second half and finished at .279 which was near his career average. (He must have hit close to .350 the rest of the way) I don’t know how many home runs he had after the first three months. Of course with the fences moved back in the Dome no one was hitting many out. (He finished with 14-Watson led the team with 22)

If his problem is he’s getting nearsighted in his old age, that’s an easy fix. Hell, I’ve been that way since I was 14. If it’s a more of a forgot what a slider looks like, that’s much worse. His problems seem to me to be physical, but I’m not the swing doctor.

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Many of his swings look like when me and my buddy go to the batting cage. My buddy has never played baseball at any level and has the stiffest lower half I have ever seen. This man can barely bowl because he cannot bend his legs properly. And Abreu swinging the bat reminds me of him.

Abreu went home to home in 17.6 seconds, the second-fastest home run trot on a ball that left the yard this season.

I hope this is the start of his turnaround. His contribution is essential going forward

I don’t doubt Abreu’s attitude, but it’s worrisome that he is not working WITH his coaches

Totally untrue. There was a recent article discussing his extensive work with Cintron. This kind of untrue post is worthy of Twitter.

You joined today to post this crap?



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Sorry, meant no offense. Did not know opinions must be screened by the cool kids before we can post.

The motto around here is “read more, post less.”

Or you can fuck off.

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Profanity and belligerence somehow fail to sway me.

I already said I love Abreu’s attitude.

It’s all good, just shutup and let it go

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Go away, troll. This place has been here a long time, and newbies do not just jump in to pontificate. How many posts for you after joining about an hour ago?

Read more, post less means what it says.

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