It’s easy for us to say “$90 MM would be enough for me” because no one has ever offered us $90MM.

speak for yourself.

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Hell, I’d play for $900.00 and help with the laundry.

ETA: someone else would have to wash the under garments. I ain’t doing that unless were talking $90MM still.

Well, you’re worth way more than I am. Most people are.

This is the thing that I wish more people inderstood. I don’t care how much you like your coworkers, the company you work for or any other consideration. If somebody else offers you considerably more money to do the same job, you’re probably moving on. Even if I am making enough money, somebody offers me more then I’m taking it.

In the words of Dwight Schrute “Look, I’m all about loyalty. In fact, I feel like part of what I’m being paid for here is my loyalty. But if there were somewhere else that valued loyalty more highly, I’m going wherever they value loyalty the most.”

We are all responsible for our own self. Yeah, it’s great to be part of a winning team, but we are responsible to our self the most. Personally, I’ve had people seem shocked that I’d leave the job I have. As though working for my boss is the best thing ever. My boss has some great attributes, but when it comes to my own welfare, I’m responsible for making the best decisions, in my own interest. And if the right opportunity came up, a resignation letter would be on the desk.

So, while I’d love for George to stay, I expect George to make the decision that is best for him.


Let me jump into the middle of all this intelligent, rational discourse just long enough to say fuck Gerrit Cole.


Hard to disagree with that.

Springer will be the subject of endless circular arguments, because what we see with our eyes- The Clutch!- doesn’t exist in advanced stats.

Would Boston want a marquee replacement for Betts? Their pockets are deep; ask Cole

Ugh. Springer grew up in New England IIRC.

So did Baggy and he stuck around.

Brantley, Springer, Reddick all positioned to move on. I’m as hopeful about Tucker and Straw as the next guy, but seems to me that the team will have to overpay for George - unless they are going to play the lethal lottery and sign guys like Puig as replacements. From what I can tell by reading our prospect rankings, seems that not a lot of MLB ready bats are available in Round Rock or Corpus Christi. JD Davis would look good in a Houston uniform right about now.

Alvarez, Straw, Tucker left to right won’t cut it in the near timeframe

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If you think Tucker or Straw are replacements for Springer, you’re far more hopeful than I am.

I like Straw, and he’s a handy guy to have around, but I don’t see him as an everyday player. Tucker…yeah, I’m not sold on him. At all.

Springer is a leader. Some of the things he does for the team don’t show up in the stat sheet. No way we win in ‘17 without him. Pay the man if he will stay.

If I am the GM trying to balance a budget that is going to impacted by post COVID 2020 season revenues, I am passing on a Springer deal and going for a couple of guys to get me through the next two years. Probably for what Springer will cost for one. Grienke and Verlander both come off the books after 2021. That frees up $65 million dollars. Lots more payroll flexibility then to shoot for winning during the last three years of Altuve & Bregman’s deals.

Speaking of Bregman, looks like he’s now represented by Boras.

Nice knowing you, Alex.

He’s under contract to the Astros for five more seasons. This is not immediate impending doom.

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