Cleveland v Houston, July 19,2021

Taking a FB down the middle is not a great way to start an AB.

It’s nice to see a hit to start the inning.

ETA: and there’s a fielder’s choice.


That looked like it hurt

Runners on second and third, one out. They’ve got us where they want us.


Top of the foot. That has to hurt.

That looked like it hurt.


Hit that hard.

Fuck, Carlos.

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Dang, Correa.

Correa 0 for 25 with 12 Ks.



And we’re tied

I gave up my tickets this season. This is the first time in years I haven’t been to a game. Flip side is I’ve watched more games this season on tv than I can ever remember.

I always think you miss something on tv; the cameras rarely show the total field. Plus hot dogs. I’m a sucker for ballpark hot dogs. Meanwhile ya’ll have been a big plus.


Good take, bad result.

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Tucker got hosed.

It wasn’t even framed well.

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Twice in two ABs

That’s a bad spot to get hit by an errant pickoff throw.

This would be a different game if you could get an out by hitting the baserunner.

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