Blue Jay @ Astros, May 9, 2021. Mother’s Day Edition

A base hit!

But no run.

Ugh. Good hold, but fucking Christ. 2 walks and a hit and zero runs.


Altuve singles to LF, Tucker to 3B, Garcia to 2B


Brantley…bases juiced…3-0…3-1 just below the knees…walks, Tucker scores, Garcia to 3B, Altuve to 2B

What a fucking shit sandwich of an inning.

3 free base runners, turned the lineup over, and got one lousy fucking run.

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Bregman pops out F6

Astros make a lot of noise, leave the bases loaded, but scratch out a run. 1-0

Let that AAA kid off the hook with 3 harmless flyballs.

Calling them fly balls and not popups is very kind of you.

Straw earned a punch in the dick. That’s a completely different inning if he doesn’t swing at a pitch about to hit him in the chest

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Tellez grounds out 6-3 in the shift


McGuire grounds out 4-3


Semien lines a single to CF

I am too. No doubt Maldonado is the better catcher defensively and he should get the bulk of starts, but I’m afraid of the pace he’s on right now that the staff is gonna burn him out or get him hurt due to being tired. We’ve seen a ton of left handed pitching I know, but had Maldonado not had to miss a few games we could probably count Castro’s starts on one hand right now. With a righty on the mound, today would have been a great day to rest Machete.


Bichette…0-2…singles to RF, Semien to 3B

The ball hit to Straw a while ago is a ball I’d like to see him be more aggressive on and catch. Two outs and no one on, go catch that ball. No doubt in my mind he catches it if he goes for it.


Guerrero strikes out swinging

1-0 Astros


That felt like something bad was going to happen.

There was doubt in his mind though. And if that ball gets by him, Semien circles the bases.

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True HH, and if your not confident, might not better try it, but I have zero doubt that 90% of big league center fielders catch that ball…and that is a problem for us.


He’s have had to believe from the get go.