Big Storm in Houston

I just had a telephone conversation with my cousin in Houston and there is extensive damage in his neighborhood and all over town. Many trees down as well as power.

Best of luck to any and all affected.

Here’s hoping everyone is ok and safe.

I had a gnarly storm roll through my part of Austin on the NW side this afternoon. Wow.
Mother Nature put on one helluva show.

Mayor asked fans to avoid downtown leaving the game. Many downtown buildings with windows blown out. 850K without power in the area. This was Ike-level wind damage.

I saw that winds downtown reached 100+ MPH.

That’s pretty fucking crazy.

I had two trees come down that had survived everything since 2009.

I drove around town from Oak Forest to Montrose earlier. Hundreds of mature trees down everywhere. No power anywhere north of Westheimer, so it was dark and hard to see the extent of property damage, but it’s safe to say it will be extensive. The tops of some old pine trees in my yard were blown off. I saw some imagery showing 120 mph winds around I-10 just east of 290.

Just wild damage for a storm that blew through in about 20 minutes.

Crazy. Was that storm considered a derecho?

I heard it was tornadoes.

As seen on Reddit:

Hope y’all are safe.

A neighbor’s tree fell and put a hole through my daughter’s roof (Oak Forest area), water everywhere in the dining area. Hopefully they can at least get the hole covered before any more storms come through.

What @waldo said. I’m sure NWS reanalysis will confirm a tornado. This is a classic Doppler Velocity tornado signature (although not a classic supercell type. These are sometimes called a “gustnado”).

Edited to add a better link:!AuODRFQLVKb1oDdcOHTly63sRSaK

From our neighborhood:

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Wow, what a mess.

We got very lucky, no damage and only lost power for a few minutes in the middle of the storm. Montrose definitely got spared the worst of it. A friend sent me some pics from my old office downtown:

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Absolutely crazy satellite imagery:

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You can see a lot of the dynamics in play in this simple super rez reflectivity loop.1) showers and storms approaching from the NNW from a decaying boundary from storms earlier in the day up north, 2) vigorous storms approaching from the WSW and 3) moist inflow from the S and SSW in the storm-free and sunny(ish) warm sector. All converging on a center that maximizes right over Houston. It’s nearly impossible for storms not to spin in that environment.

Im near Shepherd and 10. Power went our around 630 last night, still out. That weather was absolutely wild. Ive seen reports of 120MPH wind. I wouldn’t doubt it, it was as bad a hurricane at our house for a solid 15 maybe 20 minutes. I legit thought it was a tornado at first, with how hard the wind was blowing.

Luckily, as far as we can tell, our only damage is a messed up section of fence. Im hearing rumors that power could be out for week(s) in some locations.

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The Space City Weather guy equated the winds to a category 1 or low category 2 hurricane. Sure felt like it.

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My cousin in Spring Branch says her neighborhood looks like a war zone. Her neighbor had his huge oak tree go through his roof. For whatever it’s worth, she called it a tornado.

Here’s the full post if folks want to read it. Houston, what the heck happened on Thursday? – Space City Weather

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Tornado video from Cypress.