Astros @ Yankees, 8/6/2023

Fuck your band box!!



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Hey we can hit cheap ones too!

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Hold ‘em!

The smile on Jake tells the tale

Not too high, too far!

Maldy down on strikes.

But Astros up 3-1

Angel is so bad.

Need a zero, Urquidy!

Good grief Angel Hernandez is a national tragedy.

Good 1-2-3 inning.

Back to work

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Poor thing.

Your 280 foot flyball didn’t clear the fence.

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Altuve with a leadoff bunt single.

Nice bunt.

Glad they ignored him the first time he squared around.

Nice hands, meat.

Bregman flies out, Altuve tags and is dead meat at 2B except Torres misses the throw.

How the fuck did you not score on that Jose?

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Altuve swipes 3B, the throw goes into LF, but Altuve ignores Pettis and doesn’t score.


Fuck your band box

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