Astros @ White Sox, July 17, 2021

Fortunate Anderson wasn’t sitting on that pitch.

Fat as hell.

This has not been a competitive game. Only Garcia’s dumbass running prevented a complete onslaught.

B4 0-4
Vaughan flies out right
Sheets double that missed going out by inches.
Burger doubles to the gap left center. Sheets scores.
Collins walks
Anderson singles right. Burger scores.
Odorizzi out, Bielak in
Moncada Ks swinging
Abreu HBP. bases juiced.
Goodwin lines out to Altuve.

You realize that Giolito is the best pitcher in baseball, right?

May take more than zero runs to pull this one off.

T5 0-4
Correa ks swingin’
Tucker ks swingin’
Toro pops up 5

Jacob deGrom wishes he were Giolito

B5 0-6
Garcia BB
Vaughan pops up 7
Sheets HR CF.

OK, this is apparently not what I should be doing. I promise, I will never do play-by-play again.

Jeebus. “Sheets has never recorded a hit in a curveball. The Astros know the scouting report, that’s why they’re giving him nothing but curveballs.”

/meatball FB immediately crushed to make it 6-0, game effectively over

That was a good pitch called for a ball.

Do what?

6 straight against this team was going to be hard.

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Abreu makes it 9-0 off Smith. The game is well out of hand and Smith is a highly likely DFA candidate as soon as they need the roster spot.

And that requires Astros pitchers to hang sliders over the center of the plate?

So who is Austin Pruitt? When did he come up?

Headed toward their third shutout in five games, two being of the complete game variety. Just lovely.

He was just called up from San Antonio Pruitt

Ruby Red Grapefuit?

I am completely confused by these comments.

The White Sox only scored one last night and they’re crushing the ball tonight?

Clearly they’re stealing signs.