Astros @ Twins, June 13, 2021

Hope everyone saw the diving catch uncle Mike made last night.

Worth looking for it if you haven’t.

Correa popped out on an 0-1 pitch.

Stupid ball dropped a parachute.


Tucker lines out to CF. Hit well, but carried right to Cfer

Would drayton have allowed a pride night at the ball park?

Doubt many owners in the 90s or 00s would have.


Straw…0-2…1-2…2-2…full up…walks. Good at bat

As it stands, Arlington is the only club not to havea Pride night this season.

What would Jesus do? Then think of the opposite.

Nice comeback, Myles.

Damn good.

First 2 pitches were perfect but he didn’t chase.

Now let him steal a fucking base, Dusty.


Straw easily steals 2B

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Thank you.

Postage stamp zone for Stubbs too.


Stubbs pop out F5 behind the mound

1-0 Astros

Thermo meter says it’s 100 degrees in the shade of my back yard.

I’ll take my chances it if we can turn the lineup over every 2 innings.

Stubbs looks like a little leaguer out there.

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Yeah, skipped straight from rainy/overcast to flip flop weather to why the hell don’t I live in Colorado in about 36 hours here.


Sano strikes out swinging