Astros @ Rays, April 30, 2021

The ball was 114.7 off the bat.

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Yordan’s single to CF handcuffed the CFer. You don’t see that often.

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Correa doubles over the short wall down the RF line.

Yordan to 3rd.

Díaz beats one into the ground up the middle, Yordan scores, Correa to 3rd on the FC.

IF was drawn in but no chance at home.


Tucker 3-2, walks on a pitch just off the plate.

Glad they left the team which scored zero back in Houston.


Straw down 0-2 (strike 1 was 3 inches up), Ks swinging

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Someone pick up pbp please


Tsutsugo grounds out 3U


Adames grounds out 6-3


Meadows…0-2…1-2…2-2 on a really good pitch that clipped the outside corner…3-2…walks. Damn


Margot walks, Meadows to 2B

Lance was having a really good inning, went 0-2 on Meadows then started to nibble.


Lowe strikes out swinging to end the threat.

4-0 Astros

I will never understand why pitchers with good stuff nibble. Belisle did that in HS, and it drove me crazy.

Vintage McCullers

“Throw strikes, Babe Ruth is dead.”

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He made a really good 0-2 pitch…didn’t get the call. Then just kept trying to point one in a spot. With two out and a four run lead.

Holy crap. What did I just see?


Holy shit…Maldonado with a leadoff triple.