Astros @ Rangers, September 5, 2023

Did that pitch to Maldy have to be a strike?


That was a nice replay.

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He’s pretty damn good.

And that chases Eovaldi

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Altuve 2 at bats, 2 Homers!

Peña with an infield single

Crazy to throw him in without a rehab stint.


4 homers in his last 5 at bats.

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Pile on, boys.

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Let’s go, Alex

Bregman with a hit

Thanks Alex, it’s Tucker Time now!

And their scheduled starter for today has come in in relief in the 2nd inning down 4-0. Brilliant.

Bases juiced for Abreu again

And Abreu answers!

Abreu with a 2-run knock!

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Chas grounds into FC

But the Astros increase their lead to 6-0

What the fuck is Dubon doing?

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Dusty forgot to put them back to back