Astros @ Ranger, April 28, 2022

That’ll cost him a pretty penny.

Middle of four…still no Astro reaches base.

I remember going to games in the Astrodome when sneaking in whiskey flasks to the ballgame was a thing. I guess that still happens a bit.

I’ve been known to still do that on occasion.

Through four…no score

One of my neighborhood friend’s dad used to take us to games. He always had a flask, I would watch him keep his elbows in like a T-Rex and the flask close to his body as he would add some to his cola.

Those dastards have metal detectors at some entries but I notice if you enter with a child they usually don’t make you pass through them.

Is the responsibility of parenthood a viable tradeoff for in-game flasking? Tough call.

that’s why God invented plastic flasks.

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They make plastic flasks.

Y’all necks have no sense of style.

How you gone engrave a plastic flask???

You are just now realizing this?

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Halfway…no score.

Astros still haven’t reached base.

Didn’t realize I was going to witness a Martin Perez perfect game


Dear Son,

Your mother is likely to melt this by setting it too close to the stovetop where she is sterilizing your bottles but for now here’s to a wonderful childhood.

Your Father

To confirm, the Rangers are tossing a perfect game against the Astros?

It would be a damn shame if the Rangers tossed a perfect game against the Astros.

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So far they’re perfect in attempting to throw a perfect game.

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