Astros @ Mariners, July 23, 2022


2 out rallies are fun!

I like doubles

Was just thinking “crooked number”. Not sure that will work all the time though.


Peña…0-2…1-2…foul…strikes out swinging at a pitch in the dirt
Bregman…2-0…pops out F2 in foul territory
Tucker doubles to RCF, Alvarez scores
Gurriel doubles to LF, Tucker scores
McCormick lines to CF as Moore lays out horizontal to make a spectacular catch to end the inning

Astros get some good swings in…2-0 Astros

Come on blue.


Holy fuck, blue. Missed a slider that got plenty of the bottom of the zone against Santana.


Winker flies out F9
Santana…0-2…takes a curve ball right down the middle of the fucking plate for ball one…WTF?…grounds out 3-1
Suárez…0-2…1-2…2-2…strikes out swinging

2-0 Astros

Putrid AB from Altuve with a runner on 3rd and 1 out there.

Had a pitch to crush 1-1 and fouled it back.


Meyers doubles to LF on the first pitch
Maldonado bunts to 1B, out 3U, Meyers to 3B on the sacrifice
Altuve…infield in…hacking…strikes out swinging at pitches in his eyes
Peña flies out F7

That was disappointing

Halfway…2-0 Astros

Ok, cigar and rum time

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Frazier flies out F9 on the track
Raleigh strikes out looking
Moore strikes out swinging

2-0 Astros

Man, Uncle Charlie is in the house today.

Why does Ikea have that weird ad about people dropping acid?

Pretty sure dropping acid and putting together IKEA furniture is one of Dante’s concentric circles of hell.



Alvarez flies out F8
Bregman strikes out swinging
Tucker grounds out to 4-3

2-0 Astros


Haggerty…0-2…foul…1-2…foul…strikes out swinging
Crawford grounds out 4-3
France pops out F3 in foul territory

2-0 Astros

I don’t have experience dropping acid, but how could it possibly make the process worse?

I think you have to expand your consciousness before you can understand how to assemble their furniture.

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As long as you don’t care if it looks like the picture, there’s no problem.

Imagine giving a 5 year old the lego millenium falcon kit.