Astros @ Mariners, April 15, 2022


Jake is picking up where he left off last season.

Another hit for the M’s, this time Rodriguez who was hitting a cool .095

Odorizzi is throwing puss. Gonna be a long night.

5-4-3 on a nice stab by Bregman

That helps.

Nice backhand pick Yuli.

Mariners plan is pretty simple…get up there and take a whack.

After two…1-0 Mariners

I’ll take it Chas.

Chas with a bleeder up the 3B line for the Astros first hit and baserunner


Hope that caught the pad.

Peña HBP…two on, nobody out

Machete…quickly down 0-2…1-2…2-2…strikes out swinging

Maldy remains 0 for the season.

Come on Jose. Base knock.

Altuve…two on…6-4-3 on the first pitch



That inning died in a hurry

The 42 stencil on the mound looks good.

The 2022 on the infield dirt looks like Super Mario Bros font.

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Odorizzi kind of a mess.