Astros Front Office Changes

I see two reasons/sources for that leak:

  1. Espada’s camp - wants to push other interested candidates toward other jobs
  2. Brown’s camp - playing a power game to get out in front of the advisors and make it clear that he’s being overruled if there’s another hire.

2 seems more likely to me.


Of course. When in doubt, use the damn Bagwell narrative.

I just don’t get the impression that’s there’s a schism.

Maybe wishful thinking on my part.

Good grief Jim, I’m going off previous reports that Crane and Bagwell may be leading the search and not Brown.


In some ways, I wonder if Dusty ever fully appreciated the character of this team. Sticking by the “big guys” may show loyalty but it also robs them of the opportunity for accountability. Altuve & Bregman have both hit from lower in the lineup many times in their career without complaint. Pena’s comment reveals a team first mentality that I think is very much part of the culture in the clubhouse.


No doubt true. I mean, after all, every published report is true.

I missed that report, where’d you see it?

Assume it is from here…

Dana Brown, who was hired as GM just before Spring Training, will have a say in who’s in the manager’s chair, but owner Jim Crane and Jeff Bagwell, the team’s senior advisor to ownership and baseball operations, will oversee finding the next Astros skipper.


The non-conspiratorial part of me reads that as Crane-Bagwell doing the initial vetting with input from Brown, while letting the GM focus on the roster

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No, no! Conspiracies rule!


I remember Ray Montgomery as a part time player for the Astros in the late 90s. He had a couple of shining moments.

He has a strong scouting and player development background but very little managing experience. From his WIKI

After his playing career, he spent four years as an area scout for the Milwaukee Brewers, during which time Milwaukee selected second baseman Rickie Weeks out of his South Texas/Louisiana territory. He was the Brewers’ Midwest supervisor for two years and their assistant scouting director and national supervisor the next two years. In 2009, Montgomery turned down an offer to become the scouting director of the San Diego Padres because he had just moved to Connecticut and did not want to relocate.[citation needed]

In 2010, the Arizona Diamondbacks named Montgomery their new scouting director.[4] He served four years in that role, until he returned to the Brewers as their scouting director in November 2014.[5][6]

The Los Angeles Angels hired Montgomery as their director for player personnel after the 2020 season. After the 2021 season, the Angels named him their new bench coach.[7]

Found this video of all of the walk offs of 1996 - Montgomery’s 10th inning Walk off HR starts around the 1:50 mark. Great scene as the team greets him at 2B and Bagwell comes out and points to third. He thought it was off the wall but it hit just over the yellow line.

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Brown spoke to reporters (or at least Chandler Rome) at length yesterday at the GM meetings. He refuted the Montgomery rumor, said interviews had started, that they’ve interviewed Espada, and mentioned they’re also looking at another team’s bench coach who has no MLB managing experience (Rodney Linares fits that bill, among others). Didn’t comment on other candidates.

Unfortunately, when asked whether the Astros would permit Espada to interview with other teams, Brown said they would deny him permission until their own search is over (quote, the Astros “hold the keys” regarding Espada’s ability to interview elsewhere). The unfortunate part of that statement is that the Astros do not, in fact, hold the keys: Espada’s contract expired at the end of the season, and the Astros have no say whatsoever in whether he can interview with other teams.

That’s an embarrassing misstep for Brown. My hope is that he didn’t care about Espada’s contract status simply because Espada coming back as manager is a fait accompli—but even then, bad form to make that mistake.

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Ron Washington, who had been mentioned in some circles as a potential candidate to manage the Astros, has been hired to manage the Angels.

If you were hoping for a quick conclusion to the manager search, you are shit out of luck. Literally.

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The Angels shit the bed so hard, the rest of the GMs caught a virus.


I wish they would stop fucking around and just hire Joe Espada.

I don’t care if he’s the second coming of John McGraw, I don’t want to see Walt Weiss in an Astro uniform, because I just - can’t.


Did X/twitter change some protocol again? I can’t open these links on my iPhone, and I get some blather about the request being canceled from the preloader.