Astros @ Blue Jays, April 29, 2022

Peña grounds into FC

For an opposing team I like the Blue Jays just fine. I mean, you’d obviously rather have the J/R ays be good than the alternative, but they’re a very likable team.

And I’ll tell you another thing, the dickhead quotient on the Rangers seems to have decreased significantly, and I just couldn’t find myself getting all that annoyed by them this last series. Revoke my union card if you want, but there it is.

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Bregman walks, Peña to 2B

Alvarez singles to RF, Peña scores, Bregman to 3B

They needed one or two more guys on the right side of the field.

Come on Yuli…punch a run in.

Yuli with another double! Bregman scores, Alvarez to 3B

Yuli literally threw the bat at the ball

Bat died a hero

ETA: no the bat gained sentience and threw itself at the ball

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The fuck is up with the camera work?

Tucker with a sac fly as Alvarez scores

I think the bat is fine. It left his hands.

That’s all for Kikuchi.

This is the sort of offense we’re used to

I was really starting to like him.

Nice to string some hits together. This is how you score runs in bunches.

They pointed out in the pre-game…the Astros have hit Kikuchi pretty well over the years.

I’m only following the draft in the most cursory way, but it seems like the zombie looking dude who runs the Nexans is making some thoroughly defensible moves today.

Thornton in to face Diaz…

Diaz flies out to RF

But a good inning. Astros lead 4-1

Coming from you that’s high praise.