Astros at Red Sox: August 28, 2023

Should have been out of the inning twice but instead its bases loaded

One of those games

2-run double.

2 run double followed by seizure inducing camera work.

If there’s been one inexplicable thing this year, it’s a formerly great defensive team turning to absolute shit.

Giving free baserunners is usually going to come back to bite you in the ass.

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Hard to do well when you gotta get 6 outs

Hopefully this is shit himself early then pitch some decent innings Javier.

Man I’m sick of what an absolute fucking scrub he’s become the second half of this season.

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One of the two extra outs was Javier’s fault. He also completely lost the zone versus Duvall and Casas. Back to non-competitive pitches.

End of the inning. But Javier shits himself with two outs. 2-0 Sox.

They’re damn lucky Tucker’s throw didn’t cost them a third run.


Hell yeah!

That was a tank

I hope somebody like Abreu or Maldonado rips Javier for that half assed attempt at fielding the dribbler.

That was nice to see from Abreu.

Yainer robbed on a nice catch by Verdugo. I just wish someone would tell him he doesn’t have to swing at every single pitch.

Peña stays hot…2-out double off the Monster

Super quick bat by Jeremy.


Maldy… hacking at pitches about to hit him in the nuts…pops up ball four

Middle of two…2-1 Sox