Astros at Arizona, 9/29/23

Those uniforms and that field pattern are an affront to the eyes.

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I can’t tell if the picture is off of if those jerseys are weirdly mint greenish.

Let’s see: Jose Urquidy vs potential NL Cy Young winner. I’m not holding my breath.

Leadoff walk.

4 pitches nowhere near the zone, one down the pipe 3-0, and a fouled off ball.

Looking great!

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It’s a double, basically.

They look like mint chocolate chip ice cream

We gotta take advantages of our opportunities

Ground out moves Carroll to 2B, he was running on an otherwise double play ball

“Moving the runner helps the Diamondbacks.” No shit, Todd. Stunning observation.


You shoulda heard what the other broadcasters said about it


please throw strikes

And another walk

This is the single most offensive color I have seen on a professional team’s uniforms, ever.

I hate this shit.

Urquidy is not sharp at all.

We need a DP right about now …

Fly out for the second out

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Well at least that’s 2 outs now

“Why would anyone swing at the first pitch??!!?”