Astros @ A's, 7/20/2023

That’s a pretty impressive yakker by France. I don’t remember his curveball biting that much.

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Okay, I am here now. Leading the Astros out of this shit — leading my family in most offensive categories including nose hairs and methane flares…

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The sum bitch is pitching his ass off again and this offense….well…needs to wake the hell up.

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Fuck this shit. I’m gonna watch a movie. Good night and good luck. Altuve, Urquidy, and Yordan can’t get healthy soon enough.

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Six Astro strikeouts already.

Wow his 75mph change up is fucking up our hitters

Apparently, Harris = Koufax

This is an absolutely pathetic display. I’d hope they’re waiting for their 7th inning magic, but that seems imprudent.

So, no double play chance now …

Come on Yainer, hit a homer!

Hit a homer, Crash!


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At times during his Astros tenure I thought A. Diaz would make a very serviceable every day player.

So what would you do? Cheer for a line out?

Mauricio Dubon, professional hitter.

You drop that in the corner on me I’m gonna hit it the other way.

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Thank you, Tucker!


It’s a deluge!

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Woo, Tuck!!!

Come on Alex, keep it going!

That was beautiful from Tucker.

Well look who’s here.