Astros @ Arlington, April 7, 2024

Jake draws a 1-out walk

Altuve ā€¦3-0ā€¦cookie down the middle for 3-1ā€¦foulā€¦walks

Big spot for Yordan.

Need a crooked number here.

Two on for Alvarezā€¦Yordan!!!

3-0 Astros!


There we go!

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See what happens when you have guys on in front of him?

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Thatā€™ll do!

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Loved the silence from the Carter interview the moment Yordan made contact.


Really good at bat by Meyers started that off


Well done.

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Holy shit ump, strike one to Bregman was a foot outside.

Bregman caught looking, bitches about an obvious strike.

Heā€™s probably telling him how bad the first pitch was.

Probably bitching about that first pitch.

If Yordan is going to stay in the two hole, the Astrosā€™ 9-hole hitter has to be good at getting on base. Yordan becomes a lot scarier for pitchers when they have nowhere to put him.


Chas and wallsā€¦

End of threeā€¦3-0 Astros

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Nice quick inning for Blanco there

He needed it after last. Back to work, offense

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